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MumsTalk - Me and You and You and Me

Posted by Pam on

Here at Organic Babe we get the honour of chatting to mums or mums to be, grandmas, aunties and even uncles about purchasing a organic baby product but also about their loved babies,neices and nephews and grandchildren.

Its so scary becoming a mum - everything is new and exciting along with intrepidation of knowing whether I am going to do it right - we dont want help as we want to treasure every moment we can by learning, touching and smelling our little ones every minute of the day.

Some tips - there are lots of magazines and information out there but the go to ones we deal with are as follows:

Family/Parent Support -

ChildCare -

Family Planning - Ph: 1300 177 725

Pregnancy Helpline - Ph: 1300 139 313

Happy Mothering


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Christmas is Coming - Don't Worry - Buy Now Pay Later Zip Pay

As a mum we all worry about whether or not we are going to be able to stretch our dollar to buy our loved ones and our children and when you have a baby you truly want to buy without having the strain of how am I going to buy baby all the beautiful organic [...]

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Happy Parenting

Cuddles when Baby Needs ItHelping your baby in these moments can be extra cuddles, chats, walks and sing-a-longs and the more attention you give your baby the more they will respond.Life is very hectic to say the least and getting into a schedule you will discover is very important.Life has been rather hectic in the [...]

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Morning Sickness

If your pregnancy glow is more sick-induced sheen, try this advice for coping.Up to 90 per cent of mums-to-be experience some amount of morning sickness, and while the stomach churning typically hits about week four of pregnancy, it generally disappears around week 12.What causes it?Rising levels of pregnancy hormones are thought to play a role. [...]

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Before Birth - Preparing for Parenthood

We wish you well for the Big Day.You've been feeling your little baby growing inside your ever-expanding belly for 36 weeks now.  Some of you will have really enjoyed the experience.Some of you might have found it really challenging.  Or perhaps it was a series of 'ups and down's as your body and its various [...]

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Organic Babe Up to 75% Sale

Organicbabe & Kids Wear is having their once a year Sale Up to 75% off selected styles and items.

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kate is due any moment

Dear Kate:So exciting! You’re going to be a mother of two soon; how incredible does that feel? I know you probably think you have your hands full already keeping up with little George, chasing those little toddler legs up and down the castle corridors, so I thought now might be the right time to share [...]

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Todays blog is dedicated to Stephanie whose life was cut short - she has bought immense sorry to we mums here at Organic Babe We are agast how this could have happened and how someone who was a dedicated teacher went into work trusting the environment she worked in.There needs to be more done to protect [...]

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Welcome to our New Website

We hope that you enjoy our new website at Organicbabe and Kids Wear. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries that you may have regarding our wonderful range of organic baby clothing and accessories. At Organicbabe we take pride in offering the best products for you and your children and believe that we can [...]

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